Model is 5'9 and wearing an XS/S.

The #linearBLAZE gives the vibes of your favorite blazer, but in the form of a dress.

With a cocoon style fit, it tapers in from the hips down. 

Asymmetrical accents include a one sided lapel and pocket.

Gold buttons are featured on the FAUX opening on the front of the dress.

Center back zipper entry.

Soft Rayon Linen fabric.

This dress is running a little narrow at the hips. If you are curvy from the waist down and fall between sizes on the chart, we suggest sizing up. If the size is prefaced with the word 'SMALL' then you are narrower in your hips/legs/rear area. 



XS/S- 0,2,4,small 6

M/L- 6,8,10

XL-10,12,small 14


LENGTH/ WIDTH GUIDE: Approx lengths for the BLAZE dress are taken from center of shoulder to the bottom hem. Double the width for complete circumference around the body. All measurements are taken when dress is on a flat surface. 



LENGTHS- Place a measuring tape at the center point of one of your shoulders (Also known as HPS- High Point Shoulder). The '0' (zero) on the tape should be your starting point. Drop the tape and let it hang. It helps to look in a full length mirror to determine the length that suits you (If you prefer above, on or below the knee). For reference, average lengths (depending on your height) fall between 37-41inches on size XS. Since everyone's torso/leg lengths are different (even if two people are the same height), coverage length can never be exact. For all styles, we list the approximate lengths of our dresses measured from HPS. Please check the lengths to see if they work for you.

WIDTHS: Chest- Position the '0' (zero) of the measuring tape underneath one armpit aligning it      as much as possible with the center part of your bust. Wrap around the circumference of your chest area until the tape matches point zero from the backside. Keep in mind that knits (stretchy styles) can accommodate widths that are broader than the listed dimensions due to fabric forgiveness, while wovens (fabric with minimal or no stretch) will only 'give' to a certain point. Usually, patterns are adjusted to work for sizing when the fabric is woven.

 Hips- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start at the widest point of hips.

 Arms- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start under armpit and measure around biceps.

(Arm length is not featured for this dress as it is so voluminous, it can accommodate any arm width.)



Length- 41 inches

Chest- 18.5 inches

Hips- 18 inches

Arm- 7 inches



Length- 41.5 inches

Chest- 20.5 inches

Hips- 20 inches

Arm- 7.5 inches



Length- 42 inches

Chest- 20.5 inches

Hips- 21.5 inches

Arm- 7.75 inches



$144.00 Regular Price
$143.00Sale Price
Color: BLACK
  • Meet the #linearBLAZE ; an amalgamation of jacket and dress in one amazing asymmetrical linear look, and like nothing you have ever seen before.

    Rethinking the coatdress of yester-year and reimagining it for spring, the BLAZE will surely be the newest staple in your dress/coat/jacket/BLAZEr collection.

    On the one hand, nay, one side, is the signature oversized lapel that is the statement feature of this piece. The flap is mirrored on the singular pocket to complete the asymmetrical concept. 

    On the other hand, nay, other side, are the signature vintage gold buttons that glam up many a linear garment. Here they stand all in a row, upon a closure that is completely faux!

    Crafted in a beautiful rayon linen, the dress is sturdy enough to show off its bold features, but soft enough to take you all the way through the spring/summer season. 

    Ready to be a trailBLAZER when it comes to modest fashion? You know what to do first...BUY IT NOW! :)


    80% Rayon
    20% Linen
    This soft linen blend feels light and airy against the skin. 
    Dry cleaning suggested. Steam/ low iron with distilled water to avoid water marks.
    This garment has been folded to fit ergonomically inside the packaging. As a result, it may affect the intended way the dress is supposed to lay on the wearer. Please consider steaming the lapel/cuffs/pocket flap to your liking.

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