Model is wearing a size XS and is 5'9.

The #linearBohoLUXE is a 2 in 1 flippable dress. Featuring the signature standouts that made the original #linearBOHO a bestselling style in its first two iterations, the shirred yolk and high low hemline stay true to the original version. Updates include a slim sleeve with slit design at wrist as well as a new fabric base ( our woven crepe was made for this bohemian beauty!). 

On the flip side of this frock is a fully functioning open ended gold zipper. Adding a little more structure to this side of the silhouette, the zipper is a showstopper in its own right. Perfect for nursing mamas, or those that need a little more breeze (unzip approx 2-3 inches and fold in tops of the dress for a cool v-neck option OR unzip it all the way, pair it with your favorite sleeveless slip dress underneath and wear it as a duster jacket!). Plus, either side works great for expecting mamas. Or belt at the narrowest part of your waist for added drama.

This style of this dress is A-line and flowy in the cut. It flairs out from the high waist down to its handkerchief hemline. For customers who tend to be wider in the stomach/hips/rear area, this style will cover just the right places. Because this dress can flip from front to back, the neckline must remain the same on both sides. Based on the size of your chest/arms, this may cause the neckline to pull slightly lower than a regular top in the back upon wear.

When choosing fit for this dress, go with the size you generally wear at the top part of your body. For example, if you wear size 10 in tops and are larger (12/14) in the bottom, you can still opt for the Medium for best fit around your arms/chest area. The bottom will still have enough 'flow' to cover what you need it to. If you fall between two sizes on the chart and want more wiggle room/length, size up. If size is prefaced by word 'small' you are narrower at top.




XS- 0/2/4

S- 4/6/8

M- 8/10/small 12

L- 12/14

XL- 14/ small 16


LENGTH/ WIDTH GUIDE: Approx lengths for the BOHO LUXE dress are taken from;

1)center of shoulder to the bottom of center zipper-SHORTER LENGTH.

2) center of shoulder to longest part of dress at the end of the point at the handkerchief hemline-LONGER LENGTH 

Double the width for complete circumference around the body. All measurements are taken when dress is on a flat surface. 



LENGTHS- Place a measuring tape at the center point of one of your shoulders (Also known as HPS- High Point Shoulder). The '0' (zero) on the tape should be your starting point. Drop the tape and let it hang. It helps to look in a full length mirror to determine the length that suits you (If you prefer above, on or below the knee). For reference, average lengths (depending on your height) fall between 37-41inches on size XS. Since everyone's torso/leg lengths are different (even if two people are the same height), coverage length can never be exact. For all styles, we list the approximate lengths of our dresses measured from HPS. Please check the lengths to see if they work for you.

WIDTHS: Chest- Position the '0' (zero) of the measuring tape underneath one armpit aligning it as much as possible with the center part of your bust. Wrap around the circumference of your chest area until the tape matches point zero from the backside. Keep in mind that knits (stretchy styles) can accommodate widths that are broader than the listed dimensions due to fabric forgiveness, while wovens (fabric with minimal or no stretch) will only 'give' to a certain point. Usually, patterns are adjusted to work for sizing when the fabric is woven.

 Hips- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start at the widest point of hips.

 Arms- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start under armpit and measure around biceps.



Short Length- 40.5 inches

Long Length- 51 inches

Chest- 16 inches

Hips- 21.5 inches

Arms- 5.5 inches



Short Length- 41 inches

Long Length- 51.5 inches

Chest- 17 inches

Hips- 22 inches

Arms- 6 inches



Short Length- 42 inches

Long Length- 52.5 inches

Chest- 18.5 inches

Hips- 22.5 inches

Arms- 6.5 inches



Short Length- 43 inches

Long Length- 54.5 inches

Chest- 19.5 inches

Hips- 23.5 inches

Arms- 7 inches



Short Length- 43 inches

Long Length- 54.5 inches

Chest- 20 inches

Hips- 24.5 inches

Arms- 7 1/4 inches


boho luxe BLACK NIGHT

$138.00 Regular Price
$35.88Sale Price
Colors: BLACK
  • Want a reason to flip 'n zip? Try the brand new #linearBohoLUXE!
    The OG bohemian beauty that we first introduced four years ago(!) gets a makeover for 2019 with some fab updated features! Shirring at the curved yolk (neckline) and a billowy high low handkerchief hemline stay put on this version. A sleek slit at the side of the sleeves and subtle woven crepe replace the pre-wrinkled rayon and stretchy fabric from the past two iterations of the #linearBOHO. 
    Turn heads when your TURN this dress around! Bringing more structure to the silhouette is the full length gold zipper on the other side of this frock. If you want to feel the breeze, move the zipper up and down with ease (it's fully functional)! Too lazy to close it? This side works wonders as the perfect layering look for fall; throw it over your fave sleeveless slipdress from last season, and VOILA, a brand new duster jacket for this season!  Try bringing this whole linear look together with two of my fave fall accesso-RISS; Aviv Belt HERE and the #linearSTRAND earrings HERE !
    Love that bohemian flow, but not sure which way to go? You don't have to deSIDE; you'll make a grand entrance or exit which ever way you BOHO ;)


    100% Poly Woven Crepe
    At your own discretion, hand wash and air dry
    To steam, hold steamer 6 inches from fabric or iron on low. Use distilled water only to avoid water marks.

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