Model is 5'9 and wears size XS

-The #linearDUETSKIRT is a reversible wrapskirt with black on one side and white on the other. It pairs perfectly with the #linearDUETTOP (click HERE to purchase) which has the same reversible concept and color combo. Together, they are known as the #linearDUETSET but each peice can be purchased separately and worn on its own.

The sizes are based on the coverage the skirt will provide when wrapped. This will ensure that the skirt will overlap to one side of your hips with enough space so that an upper leg will not be exposed when moving.

-The fit is a slight A-line shape that will offer a nice 'swing' to your step often hinting at the contrasting color on the flip side.

-Align the center seam of the skirt along the base of your spine at the narrowest part of your waist. Pull the skirt panel forward by holding the attached 'belt tie' connected to the top of the skirt. Make sure the panel sits comfortably pulled all the way to your opposite hip. Hold it there with the opposing hand while pulling the other skirt panel towards the opposite hip. Criss cross the belt tie in back and pull them forward to the front. Tie in knot or bow. (See photos for step by step reference)

-Because this skirt is reversible, there are no brand tags or care labels sewn into the seams. Instead, the design, size and care labels are attached in a small mesh bag via safety pin. 

-Please note that a hint of the fabric from the flip side may be visible at the hemlines/seams of this frock. It acts as a 'piping' and gives a nice contrast color combo to the side that is visible on the outside. 

- When choosing a size, consider that wider hips/thighs and rear areas will need more coverage in any wrap style to ensure that exposure does not occur.

For example, if you are a 4 (size XS) at the narrowest part of your waist, but tend to choose a skirt size thats 6/8 to cover larger bottom areas, try the S/M.

 Remember that sizing up will only provide more wrap coverage around the sides of your body,( it will also get slightly longer in length) You can always pull the belt tighter around your waist when wrapping.

Consider the info above if you fall between two sizes on the chart.


XS:  0/2/4

S/M:  4/6/8/10

L/XL:  12/14/16/18


The measurment is taken of a single panel in this two panel skirt. Double the number for the full circumference around the body. 

To measure yourself for sizing, place a flexible measuring tape at the narrowest part of your waist, starting in the general area right above your hip. Wrap the remaining tape all the way around your waist until it stops at the area above the opposing hip. For example, if the ending measurment ends at 46 inches, then opt for size S/M (which is 23 inches per panel).

Length is measured from the top of the skirt (below the belt tie) to the bottom hem.


duet skirt BLACK & WHITE

  • Meet the #linearDUETSET: 1 top, 1 skirt, 2 different sides -blending harmoniously in one lineaR look! It's the REVERSIBLE colorblock creation that needs to be in your closet. Think of it as a two-for-one combo with a multitude of ways to wear.

    • The #linearDUETSET features a fashion forward, dual color block linear look you will love!
    • Flip the wrap skirt to its opposing side for a new twist on a classic color option (because who doesn't love black and white?!) When you opt for the top, you can create a cuff at the wrist to show a peek of the other side.
    • Versatility is key with this set! Cut in a flattering shape for everybody, the top (relaxed body/tapered sleeve) and skirt (wrapped for your figure) can work fluidly together or stand strong on thier own.
    • Perfect for the gal on the go; toss on the top, wrap and run.. or the gal who needs room to grow (calling all you pregnant mamas- wear the skirt above/below your belly!). 
    • Luxouriously soft, stretchy fabric makes every moving moment a breeze. (You wont want to take it off!)
    • How will you wear? Black on black/White on white/Black on white/White on black/Black and anything/White and anything-
      WHY don't you decide (?!?) ;)

     Played up with pumps, or dressed down for downtown, you'll probably get stopped wherever you go. Consider #linearDUETSET as your new go-to when you can't figure out what to wear. I guarantee you'll be singing its praises as soon as you get it ;)



    96% Modal Rayon

    4% Spandex

    Hand wash/delicate cycle on cold.

    Lay flat to dry (Because it is double layered, it will be heavy when wet. Hanging the top/skirt in this state will cause it to stretch in length towards the floor)

    Fabric may shrink up to two inches after wash.

    Steam or iron with distilled water only to avoid water spots on this garment.

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