Model is wearing a size XS and is 5'9.

The #linearPOEM is an elegant maxi dress with a slight A-line silhouette. It is not oversized, nor is it a swing or trapeze style frock. While the cut is not body hugging, it will gently brush the curves and flair out towards the bottom.

 The standout feature on this frock is the voluminous poet sleeves. Because of the gentle 'C' curve and set in shoulder structure on the sleeves, the overall frame of this style appears slimmer and flatters almost every body shape. 

 If you would like to accentuate your figure, try the brushed gold square sliding belt that is included with this maxi. The belt is completely adjustable as it does not have a belt fastener/prong or holes to feed it through, so there is no need to be 'tied' down to the limited amount of hole spaces on those types of belts. There are two ways to secure the buckle;

Option 1: Wrap belt around your waist with gold square facing center. Feed belt end through empty opening and then overlap it over the center bar of the belt (which is covered by the other end of the belt). Loop it back under the square and pull to adjust fit. As soon as you find desired tightness to your liking, tuck remaining end of belt under the belt that is wrapped around your waist (you may want to do a second tuck with any additional remaining fabric for additional security). The belt buckle will sit as a square on your body.

Option 2: Copy all steps from option one without pulling the belt to adjust to tightness. Immediately after looping the belt end through the second part of the square, tuck it under the top part of the belt and pull. This will cause the belt buckle to twist into a diamond shape. Now you can pull to desired tightness. Loop the belt end over the one laying against your body one more time for additional security so the belt wont slide open.

-Gold button closure at sleeve. Zipper closure at the back of neck.

-This maxi has a 1 1/2 hem that can be taken down if you prefer additional length. (For this photoshoot, the hem was taken down to accommodate the model's height.)

-This dress runs true to the size chart below. If you are wider in the hips than average for your general size, or prefer some extra wiggle room, size up. (For example, if you are size 6 at top but wear size 8/10 at the bottom, try the MEDIUM). If size is prefaced by 'SMALL', you are narrower on the bottom.



XS- 0/2/small 4

S- 4/6/small 8

M- 8/10/small 12

L- 12/14

XL- 14/ small 16


LENGTH/ WIDTH GUIDE: Approx lengths for the POEM dress are taken from center of shoulder to the bottom hem. Double the width for complete circumference around the body. All measurements are taken when dress is on a flat surface. 



LENGTHS- Place a measuring tape at the center point of one of your shoulders (Also known as HPS- High Point Shoulder). The '0' (zero) on the tape should be your starting point. Drop the tape and let it hang. It helps to look in a full length mirror to determine the length that suits you (If you prefer above, on or below the knee). For reference, average lengths (depending on your height) fall between 37-41inches on size XS. Since everyone's torso/leg lengths are different (even if two people are the same height), coverage length can never be exact. For all styles, we list the approximate lengths of our dresses measured from HPS. Please check the lengths to see if they work for you.

WIDTHS: Chest- Position the '0' (zero) of the measuring tape underneath one armpit aligning it      as much as possible with the center part of your bust. Wrap around the circumference of your chest area until the tape matches point zero from the backside. Keep in mind that knits (stretchy styles) can accommodate widths that are broader than the listed dimensions due to fabric forgiveness, while wovens (fabric with minimal or no stretch) will only 'give' to a certain point. Usually, patterns are adjusted to work for sizing when the fabric is woven.

 Hips- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start at the widest point of hips.

 Arms- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start under armpit and measure around biceps.

(Arm length is not featured for this dress as it is so voluminous, it can accommodate any arm width.)



Length- 55.5 inches

Chest- 15.5 inches

Hips- 18.5



Length- 56.5 inches

Chest- 16.5 inches

Hips- 20



Length-57 inches

Chest- 17 1/4 inches

Hips- 21 inches



Length- 57 1/2 inches

Chest- 18 inches

Hips- 22



Length- 58 inches

Chest- 18.5 inches

Hips- 23



$146.00 Regular Price
$36.50Sale Price
Colors: SAND
  • Voluminous sleeves; get to know ‘em.
    Introducing the #linearPOEM
    A cut that flatters, it's good to go
    Just like a poem, enjoy its flow
    Looking for something that doesn't get old?
    This frock features buttons and belt buckle in gold!
    Wanna know the inside scoop?
    There's more than one way to buckle/loop
    It can be worn in a square or in a diamond
    How will you wear? Just gotta try 'em
    Think holiday, date night or even soirée
    It's amped up elegance made for you-YAY!
    No need to hop a train or hail a taxi
    There's an easier way to get this beautiful maxi
    Delivered to your door straight from this site
    Promise you’ll love the POEM. Just buy it now, alright?


    100% Poly Woven Crepe
    At your own discretion, hand wash and air dry
    To steam, hold steamer 6 inches from fabric or iron on low. Use distilled water only to avoid water marks.

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