Model is wearing a size XS and is 5'9.

The linear ReREVEAL is our classic REVEAL dress reinvented. The original high-low maxi frock from the past has been recut as a midi. We kept the effortless 'swing style' silhouette, but adjusted the length to bring it to the present. This 'A-line' linear look has a relaxed fit that works well for almost every body type ( a perfect maternity option too)!

REVEALing the backstory & being upfront about this linear look...

The original REVEAL dress was a bestseller for many a season. Restocked in numerous iterations (thing seasonal colors,fabrics and prints), it sold out again and again on site and in stores. An extremely large order that was held at my production facitliy for storage got temporarily misplaced while I moved on to a new vendor. By the time I got a hold of them, I had already moved on and created other amazing linear looks and did not feel the timing was right to reintroduce them on site. So, I held on to them...until now!

Each dress listed in this posting has been RECUT from an original REVEAL dress into a midi. As a result of cutting the fabric AFTER it was already produced as a full garment, no two lengths of the ReREVEAL are exactly the same. Each color/size is measuring slightly differently. In order to provide a length chart for you, we pulled three garments of every size and measured the lengths of each one.

Provided below are the average lengths of these garments.  (For example, the Black ReReveal dress in XS averages in length between 36 inches and 37.5 inches.)

With that knowledge, know that you are recieving a dress that falls between the lengths on the chart for the particular size/color you choose. Please note that we CAN NOT pull out each dress and measure the lengths for you. (For example, we will not be able to pull the XS black color out of its packaging, measure it, and tell you if you are receiving the one that is 36 1/4 inches or if it is the one that is 37.5 inches.)

While all current styles on our site are designed to reflect the needs of the modest-minded consumer, the lengths on this dress are running shorter than our current standards (as the fabric shrunk slightly as a result of being recut and rehemmed). Our price point on this style reflects our need to be transparent about the evolution of this linear look. Please review the length chart (and our measuring guide) to see if this style works for you before placing your order.


SIZE GUIDE:  - The sizing chart reflects our orginal version of this dress when it was first introduced in 2015. If you fall between two sizes and want extra wiggle room, size up. Also, this rayon, jersey fabric has a good amount of stretch for ease of access over the head.

XS- 0/2

S- 4/6

M- 8/10

L- 10/12

XL- 12/14



Approx lengths are taken from  center point of shoulder to bottom of hem at the center of the garment. 

Double the width for complete circumference around the body. All measurements are taken when dress/pants are on a flat surface. 



LENGTHS- Place a measuring tape at the center point of one of your shoulders (Also known as HPS- High Point Shoulder). The '0' (zero) on the tape should be your starting point. Drop the tape and let it hang. It helps to look in a full length mirror to determine the length that suits you (If you prefer above, on or below the knee). For reference, average lengths (depending on your height) fall between 37-41inches on size XS. Since everyone's torso/leg lengths are different (even if two people are the same height), coverage length can never be exact. For all styles, we list the approximate lengths of our dresses measured from HPS. Please check the lengths to see if they work for you.

WIDTHS: Chest- Position the '0' (zero) of the measuring tape underneath one armpit aligning it as much as possible with the center part of your bust. Wrap around the circumference of your chest area until the tape matches point zero from the backside. Keep in mind that knits (stretchy styles) can accommodate widths that are broader than the listed dimensions due to fabric forgiveness, while wovens (fabric with minimal or no stretch) will only 'give' to a certain point. Usually, patterns are adjusted to work for sizing when the fabric is woven.

 Hips- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start at the widest point of hips.

 Arms- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start under armpit and measure around biceps.



(Each color varies in length for each size.)


Length: 35.5-37 inches

Chest- 15.5 inches

Hips- 18 inches

Arms- 5.5 inches



Length: 36-37.5 inches

Chest- 16 inches

Hips- 18 3/4 inches

Arms-6 inches



Length: 37-38.5 inches

Chest- 17 inches

Hips-  19.25 inches

Arms- 6.5 inches



Length: 37-38.5

Chest- 18 inches

Hips- 20 inches

Arms- 7 inches



Length- 37-38.5 inches

Chest- 19 inches

Hips- 22 inches

Arms- 8 inches



rereveal LITE MOCHA

  • The REVEALution of the latest linear look can be summed up right now;
    Goodbye, HIGH-LOW.
    HELLO, good buy! 
    It's time to ReVeal the ReInvented right look of the moment that's under 30 bucks! ReIntroducing the #linearRevealDress (our bestseller since 2015) in it's newest form felt so 'right now' in 2019.
    The decision to have the original style make the cut (literally) came about when I ReAlized that the effortless swing style cut of this frock felt current again. So, we chopped the maxi to bring on the change. (And speaking of 'change', you can pocket yours considering the price this time around!)
    This 'better than basic' style is the perfect layering look right now. Wear with your favorite seasonal sweater, or let it stand on its own. Bring it together with a belt (clearly you need to click here  ) & some bold jewelry, or pair with your favorite bootie. This standout style is simple enough to be a RePeat #OutfitOfTheDay when you wear it YOUR way!
    The popular addage of 'What's old is new again' has been ReRevealed. And this time it's perfect for you!

    This soft, stretchy fabric feels like your favorite t-shirt.

    94% Rayon
    6% Spandex

    Machine/Hand wash cold with like colors. Air dry (or low tumble at your own discretion). May shrink up to 1 inch depending on your machine. To steam, hold steamer 6 inches from fabric or iron on low. Use distilled water only to avoid water marks.


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