IT IS MARKED 40% OFF OR MORE AND IS FINAL SALE Model is wearing a size XS and is 5'9.The #linearZENSET is a two piece MODjama creation. This indoor/outdoor linear look is as comforable (if not more than) your fave PJ's, but with many more ways to wear.Featuring dual sided adjustable zippers (that extend to the waist), this 'relaxed fit' frock can turn into a tunic for those moments when you need more movement; think gym class, bike ride, or when you just want to get comfotable on the couch.Matching loungers (which are not attached to the dress) will still keep you covered as you zip away (literally) and can be adjusted to meet your own modest preferences. Nursing moms may also enjoy this function at their own discretion.Turn this tunic to dress when you lose the loungers (just set them aside, you'll want to wear them again!). Elevate your look with heels or boots or bring it back to basic with sneakers/flats.Or, unzip to the hip and pair with your favorite pencil skirt or silky slip silhouette. The dress/tunic has a slightly oversized fit and is meant to hang effortlessly against the body. The silhouette is not intended to be fitted. The lounge pants feature a two inch stretchy waistband to accommodate multiple sizes. If you fall between two number sizes on the size chart and prefer a little more wiggle room, size up. (Please note the length chart as well as it does get longer by size).If you are narrower on the bottom, stick to the correct size on the chart. For example, if you are size 8, you can opt for small if you are narrower on the bottom, or go with the medium if you want it to have a more relaxed fit.PLEASE NOTE: This fabric is NOT denim, rather it is the COLOR of a washed denim SIZE GUIDE:XS- 0/2/4S- 4/6/ 8M- 8/10/12L- 12/14XL- 14/16  LENGTH/ WIDTH GUIDE: Approx lengths for the ZEN SET dress are taken from;1) DRESS- center point of shoulder to bottom of hem2) LOUNGE PANTS- top of waistband to bottom of foot cuff. Double the width for complete circumference around the body. All measurements are taken when dress/pants are on a flat surface.  GUIDE TO FINDING YOUR MEASUREMENTS:LENGTHS- Place a measuring tape at the center point of one of your shoulders (Also known as HPS- High Point Shoulder). The '0' (zero) on the tape should be your starting point. Drop the tape and let it hang. It helps to look in a full length mirror to determine the length that suits you (If you prefer above, on or below the knee). For reference, average lengths (depending on your height) fall between 37-41inches on size XS. Since everyone's torso/leg lengths are different (even if two people are the same height), coverage length can never be exact. For all styles, we list the approximate lengths of our dresses measured from HPS. Please check the lengths to see if they work for you.WIDTHS: Chest- Position the '0' (zero) of the measuring tape underneath one armpit aligning it as much as possible with the center part of your bust. Wrap around the circumference of your chest area until the tape matches point zero from the backside. Keep in mind that knits (stretchy styles) can accommodate widths that are broader than the listed dimensions due to fabric forgiveness, while wovens (fabric with minimal or no stretch) will only 'give' to a certain point. Usually, patterns are adjusted to work for sizing when the fabric is woven. Hips- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start at the widest point of hips. Arms- Repeat steps for measuring Chest, but start under armpit and measure around biceps. XS-DRESSLength- 41.5 inchesChest- 19 inchesHips- 19.5 inchesArms- 6.5 inches PANTSLength-38.5 inchesHips- 13.5  SMALL-DRESSLength- 42 inchesChest- 20 inchesHips- 20.5 inchesArms- 7 PANTS (fabric has stretch)Length-39 inchesHips- 14 1/4 MEDIUM- DRESSLength- 42 3/4 inchesChest- 21 inchesHips- 22.5 inchesArms- 7 1/4 inches PANTS (fabric has stretch)Length-40 inchesHips- 14 3/4 LARGE- DRESSLength- 43 1/2 inchesChest- 22 inchesHips- 23 inchesArms- 7 3/4 inches PANTS (fabric has stretch)Length- 40 3/4 inchesHips- 15 1/4 X-LARGE- DRESSLength- 43 3/4 inchesChest- 23 inchesHips- 23 1/2 inchesArms- 8 inches PANTSLength- 41 inchesHips- 15.5

zen set DENIM WASH

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  • The search for the ultimate MODjama is over! Introducing the #linearZEN - the ultimate indoor/outdoor/dress/tunic/zip/unzip/lounge-around/fly-around/daytime/bedtime/me-time linear look! It finally answers the age old question- 'WHY HASN'T ANYONE EVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?' (!!!)

    Let's get comfortable and discuss, shall we?

    ZIP AWAY: Movement, meet your match. This MODjama has dual functioning zippers that allow a little more ease for everything you do (with matching loungers that keep you covered too). Waste no time unzipping to the waist if you want to get into EXTREME RELAXATION MODE. From exercise to entertaining, you control the level of (modest) comfort that you need to get the job done! 

    COMFORT IS KEY- Go from couch to carpool in a flick and a zip. In our softest fabric yet- think sweatshirt on the outside but EXTREMELY soft and fuzzy against your skin- you may never want to leave the bedroom (but you'll be able to go about your business all day )!

    AdDRESSing THE ISSUE- Not in the mood to lounge around? Turn this frock into a top when you pair it with a pencil skirt or add a silky number below for a little more action & flow. The side slits will show a peek of what lies beneath. Go from play date to date night in a flash by zipping down the sides. Ditch the slippers/sneakers for stilettos and go for a sunset stroll.

    Relax! The most amaZEN linear look of the season is online now at a very comfortable price point! Breathe in & out. The #linearZENSET is just a click away... :)



    64% Rayon
    32% Poly
    4% Spandex

    Machine/Hand wash cold with like colors. Air dry (or low tumble at your own discretion). May shrink up to 1 inch depending on your machine. To steam, hold steamer 6 inches from fabric or iron on low. Use distilled water only to avoid water marks.

    This 'french terry' fabric is similar to a sweatshirt with a soft touch on the interior of the garment. Please note that frequent contact of dress to pant may result in some of the 'soft yarns' adhereing to the pant. This can easily be removed with a lint roller. 


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